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Emergency Exit Door Hardware

Emergency Exit Door Hardware Suppliers

Many people recognize emergency exit doors with the large press bars used in opening them. You might even recognize some doorways within bigger building passages which are kept opened at all times by means of electro magnets, however would you recognise that all these doorways with various types of components fitted form part of the properties emergency and fire safety system.

Discount Fire Extinguishers carries a product selection which is specifically made to use with emergency exit doors:

  • Magnetic door retainers
  • Foot plate door retainers
  • Automatic door release systems
  • Door Magnets
  • Overhead door closers
  • Overhead electromagnetic door closers
  • Touch bars with single point locking

A number of these items are linked within the alarm system in order that when the alarm is triggered all of the door retainers can release and then the fire doors can shut.

Use Your Common sense 

At some point or any other a lot of us have noticed emergency fire doors kept opened by fire extinguishers or wedges because devices are not in working order. This is actually a violation in health and safety rules and really should never occur. If you notice it take away the wedge or fire extinguisher immediately then report the problem to anyone in control.

Discount Fire Extinguishers of course stock the sealed lead acid batteries which are used as back-up power for many of the set-ups.

When it comes to either batteries and equipment you've got a selection of models and makes; one and only thing you don’t have a option regarding is level of quality because Discount Fire Extinguishers only provides top quality merchandise.

For anyone that's just beginning an enterprise and requires to discover more about their own obligations regarding health and safety which fire safety is an element, then simply browsing on the Health and Safety web site is an excellent source and often will give many of the solutions you'll be searching for.