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Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Discount Fire Extinguishers are UK suppliers of Wireless Fire Alarm systems and all the accessories and components that may be required for such a system.

1st Class Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless fire alarm systems form a very important part of many early warning systems in the case of fire detection. These systems can range from the simplest type designed for domestic use only, to a much more elaborate set ups that would be ideal for a small retail unit or an office. Then there is the state of the art configuration that would be needed for a large department store or maybe an industrial warehouse or factory not forgetting places like Hotels and public arenas.

The wireless fire alarm systems that are available today are a great alternative to the traditional hard wired systems that are usually put in place while a building is in the process of being erected or refurbished. If a system has to be installed after the building is occupied it makes sense to opt for a wireless system so that there are no issues with laying a large amount of cables that a hard wired system would require. A wireless fire alarm system may in some circumstances form and extension to a hard wired system.

Only Quality from Discount Fire Extinguishers

As Discount Fire Extinguishers only supply quality merchandise for any of their systems whether it be a wireless fire alarm system or a hard wired fire alarm system, they should really be on your preferred supplier list so that when the time come that you require a spare part or an addition to the system you can contact us quickly minimising delays.

All your fire safety requirements can be full filled by Discount Fire Extinguishers from all the different types and sizes of fire extinguishers that may be needed to all the training materials and record keeping documents that you will require, so call us now or place an order online.