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Automatic Extinguisher Control

Hi-tech Automatic Extinguisher Control

The automatic extinguisher control panels that are supplied by Discount Fire Extinguishers are sometimes mistaken by the uninitiated for intruder alarm panels. However these specially manufactured and designed to the highest quality having European EN12094-1 status.

These controls are known as extinguishant releasing panels many having standard functions. The higher end of the controls are future proof with the ability to be expanded as your business demands.

Three zones of detection is an absolute minimum that is needed for any system and the extinguishant should be configurable so it can operate in any combination of the zones. The control may be placed into test mode for the conducting of drills and training.

Installation of any of the Discount Fire Extinguishers automatic extinguisher control panels should be somewhere that is likely to remain dry at all times and on a flat wall surface. Panels will normally have an LED display so that you can easily see and understand any configuration changes you may want to make while still complying with required equipment standards of operation.

Configurable Automatic Extinguisher Control

The amount of extinguishant gas that is released and the duration that it is released for is all configurable from the main control; the gas will starve the any fire within the set zone of oxygen very quickly. The setup is often used in areas the house expensive tools and equipment so to minimise and losses.

Discount Fire Extinguishers supply many other fire safety components, peripherals, accessories and systems along with fire safety training to many different types of business, but the one thing that is constant throughout is the quality of the goods supplied and the outstanding customer service. so whether you are looking for a complete fire alarm system, one of our different types of fire extinguishers or simply a spare part for a system that you already have setup Discount Fire Extinguishers is the place to be.