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Vibrating Pillow Alarm

Early Warning Vibrating Pillow Alarm

The advances that technology has bought us never cease to amaze. In the field of fire safety this is apparent with the number and different types of devices that are available to help keep people safe. The vibrating pillow alarm is just such a device, designed for the deaf and hard of hearing this device is used to give an early warning to those people during their sleeping hours. Discount Fire Extinguishers are pleased to be able to include the vibrating pillow alarm amongst its product range.

The device is used in conjunction with a fire alarm system and quite simply is placed under the pillow of a deaf or hard of hearing person and in cases of an emergency it will vibrate so that that person has time to react and escape from any danger that may occur.

Wired & Wireless Vibrating Pillow Alarm

There are both wired and wireless versions of the vibrating pillow alarm available from Discount Fire Extinguishers; it is just a question of which one is best suited to your needs or requirements. Once roused there may be a flashing beacon to confirm the danger and/or escape lights that can be followed to the nearest safe exit.

Discount Fire Extinguishers stock hundreds of items that are connected to fire safety which may also be of interest to you while you are here. We have a full range of wet and dry fire extinguishers, as well as everything that you will need to setup a complete fire alarm system. Once you have a system in place you will need to take a look at our fire alarm testing equipment to ensure that your system stays working correctly. Then of course you have to record that you are performing the required tests and drills so we can supply the log books and holders required for that too.