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Dementia Care System

Preserve Dignity with Dementia Care System

A Dementia care system as supplied by Discount Fire Extinguishers is a simple pressure pad device that enables carers to monitor victims of dementia. The pressure pad is place under the rug of an area where the sufferer is sitting and if that person should get up to move around a signal is sent to the carer to warn them of the movement. This means that any carer can get on with other duties while giving the sufferer the feeling of independence.

Often used in residential nursing homes the same or similar device can be utilised in the bedroom so that if there is any movement during the night the carer can be alerted and is then able to take any appropriate steps needed. This inconspicuous and unobtrusive device allows for a quality of care while respecting the privacy of the person being cared for.

Benefits of Dementia Care System

  • Residents privacy is maintained
  • Behaviours can be monitored and recorded
  • Multiple residents can be cared for at one time
  • Errors like residents going into the wrong room are avoided

If you are interested in the dementia care system, you may like to know of the other items that are supplied by Discount Fire Extinguisher that could form part of the safe and secure environment within a residential dwelling.

A paging system would work well with a dementia care system, also anti-smoking detectors for bathrooms and hard to monitor areas. Even disabled persons toilet alarms.

Because health and safety form such a big part of residential care almost all of the stocked items here at Discount Fire Extinguishers would have to be used somewhere.

These are only a few of what you would possibly need. If you are in need of advice please feel free to call us.