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Fire Alarm Testing Equipment

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Designed for one purpose fire alarm systems will inform you if there is a fire that is if all of the sensors within the system are working properly. In order to make sure that they are you need to positively test out your sensors regularly using specialist equipment.

Essential Fire Alarm Testing Equipment

By utilising detector test equipment you are able to effectively and precisely test out your fire sensors for maximum efficiency and spot early any problems. Discount Fire Extinguishers are chief suppliers of all the fire alarm testing equipment that you may require, like realistic aerosols which effectively recreating emergency conditions so you are able to make sure that products, whether smoke or heat sensors, are operating as they should be and are reliable.

Discount Fire Extinguishers comprehensive selection of fire alarm testing equipment comprises everything you will need to test the sensors of your fire alarm equipment, from full detector test kits to extension rods and spares. Utilising this equipment regularly you can be assured that the fire alarm system will work when needed.

The SOLO detector testing range is fantastic for most programs and includes a range of testing equipment you can use for smoke sensors, heat sensors as well as gas sensors.

Check The SOLO Range

To check smoke sensors you will need the Solo Aerosol Smoke Dispenser, which may also be used to check gas sensors (although having a different aerosol insert). The Solo kit comprises a see through spring-loaded cup as well as an aerosol can retaining cup. This set-up can optionally be mounted on a pole to permit the tester to get up to the sensors. To use the testing mode, the cup simply needs to go over the sensor to permit the smoke aerosol to fill the testing chamber. The see through cup is used to ensure that you can observe the sensor light and also the aerosol smoke at the same time.

Discount Fire Extinguishers also have a variety of spares that can be found, such as additions for extension rods to improve the reach the sensor testing that is higher than normal.