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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Whether for the home, industry, retail, rental properties or an office you will find all that you need in fire safety equipment here at Discount Fire Extinguishers. All our fire safety products comply with British and EU standards so you can rest assured that they also adhere to Health and Safety standards required by law. If you are unsure exactly what you need you can check with current health and safety regulations on the HSE website at www.hse.gov.uk. This is also a good place to check the type of fire extingusiher needed whether it be water, foam or a CO2 extinguisher. This is important information as different types of fire hazards require different types of fire extingusihers and the size of the fire extinguisher for the area it is expected to cover is also something to be considered. Whilst browsing through our range of fire extinguishers you may also want to consider if you have adequate Fire Alarm Equipment to aid in the early detection of dangerous hazards.

Fire Extinguishers Additional Information

Where to place Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers need to be placed where they can be seen at all times and accessed quickly, with ease. Ideally this should be on an escape route that is either near a fire exit door or near an outside door of any communal areas. It is also advisable to fix a fire extinguisher on a wall near any potential fire hazard. When the fire extinguisher is fixed correctly to the wall it should be at a height easy enough to reach when needed to be called upon. When you are choosing a location to place a fire extinguisher you should avoid placing above cookers, heaters or anywhere where extreme temperatures may occur. 

Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers

Instructions are supplied by the manufacturer on how to keep your fire extinguisher in good order. If however, you have to use your extinguisher you should follow the manufacturers instructions about re-charging the fire extinguisher or seek advise from ourselves. In any case you should seek a professional such as Discount Fire Extinguishers contractors to service any fire extinguishers annually so that they are fully functional in the event of an emergency.

Number of Fire Extinguishers Required

Once you complete a risk assesment of your property, you can contact your local Fire Service Officer who will be happy to advise you about the requirement of fire extinguishers for your particular circumstances.