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Key Boxes

Keyguards & Key Boxes

Ensuring that everyone is adhering to all of the regulations and rules can be a minefield for anybody who is the owner of or operates a company. Fire safety is usually an area that regardless of whether you are a beginner or even an experienced old hand there's always something which can trip you up. If however you check out the pages and posts of Discount Fire Extinguishers web-site you will notice that many elements tend to be included.

From fire extinguishers required for emergencies, to the unimportant looking key boxes. Key boxes are incredibly similar in appearance to the break glass alarm points but as the name suggests they are to secure keys, these will be keys that are required in the case of an unexpected emergency which will keep all of them secure but none the less available anytime they are required.

Discount Fire Extinguishers provide these types of key boxes commonly known as key guards within their fire safety selection of safety equipment; Fire alarm equipment, fire extinguishers as well as sealed lead acid batteries needed for fire and other alarm boxes, fire safety signs and also emergency lighting are catered for within the wide range.

Reular Drills Needed

All businesses need to perform fire and evacuation exercises in order that everyone is conscious of how to proceed in the event of an unexpected emergency. This means that everyone is less inclined to panic when the genuine thing happens. Usually breaking of glass for the key box is just simulated but sometimes it is a lot more realistic when the glass is in fact broken. To do this you have to have extra glasses handy for when the drill is finished. The spare glasses can be acquired from Discount Fire Extinguishers as well as the many other things that you might be stocking up on while you're on the website. Our knowledgeable employees are pleased to assist when it is needed; all that you should do is give us a call prior to completing the transaction.