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Fire Alarm Equipment

Fire Alarm Equipment

When it comes to protecting people property and goods Fire Alarm Equipment is an essential part of the tools needed. Discount Fire Extinguishers have a vast range of systems and system parts to aid in the detection of smoke and fire. We also supply documentation required to show that your fire safety checks are completed as and when the law stipulates. When planning the equipment needed to build up a complete and comprehensive system there are many things to consider. Size and type of system, will it be connected to a call and monitoring centre, do you need automatic door release mechanisms, have you got lighting to guide people to safety, are there sirens and strobes positioned to worn of the hazard, do you have smoke detectors throughout the building, the list goes on and on. You can get valuable help and advice about your fire alarm equipment from your local Fire Service. Whether wired or wireless for business or domestic the only place to get your Fire Alarm Equipment and Call Point Equipment is here at Discount Fire Extinguishers.

Fire Alarm Equipment Additional Information

Why have Fire Alarm Equipment installed

A fire alarm system will most certainly act as an early warning in case of fire or smoke hazards, giving people time to escape the area safely.

What Type of Fire Alarm Equipment should I use

The type of system that you have installed will depend on a number of factors. Two or three domestic fire alarm smoke detectors many be OK for your home, while a wireless system many be enough for a small office. A hard wired and monitored system is more likely to be used for commercial or industrial settings.

When do I need to check my Fire Alarm Equipment

The UK Fire Service recommends that domestic fire alarm smoke detectors are checked monthly and if required batteries should be changed. Industrial and commercial operations should be guided by the latest legislation which can be found on the HSE website at www.hse.gov.uk.