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Fire Blankets

Fire Blankets

It was the great British love affair with deep fried foods that led to the use of fire blankets in the home, as they are extremely effective in smothering smaller pan fires. Since the development in technology has made deep fat fryers much safer being used in the home (and oven chips!) the humble fire blanket is used less and less in domestic kitchen,s although they are still very useful for any kind of pan fire. Its usefulness in dealing with small fires quickly has expanded the places it is now used. A fire blanket is often to be found in many commercial situations, to combat fires in laboratories, to be used as a protective cover for peoples clothing that may have ignited while evacuating the area of a fire, or even just to put out an accidental fire in a waste paper bin! Discount Fire Extinguishers stock fire blankets of different size,s at prices that are hard to beat.

It's worth noting that there are still some government departments, councils and official bodies recommending that blankets to comply with BS 6575, this standard was superceeded in 1997 by BS EN 1869:1997. So you can rest assured that our fire blankets are fully compliant.

All of the fire blankets we sell come in easy-to-use containers with a fixing hole on the back, special pull-tabs to release the blanket in a matter of seconds and have tamper indicators. In addition, we also have a fire blanket sign that is required to be displayed above a blanket in order to comply with the Fire Safety Order 2005. Just follow the link to Fire Safety Signs and choose which of our fire blanket signs you prefer.

The fire blanket will be clearly marked to indicate whether it should be thrown away after use or if it can be used again after cleaning, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Fire Blankets Additional Information

  • A fire blanket should be used on a pan fire.  
  • Fire blankets should be kept in the area where risk assessments show they are needed  
  • Always place the fire blanket near an escape route so that you have the option to walk away and contact the Fire and Rescue Service if you feel the fire is too large to tackle.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions