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Sounders and Beacons

Fire Alarm Sounders and Beacons

Discount Fire Extinguishers are official suppliers of a range of fire alarm sounders and beacons from makers such as Apollo, Banshee and C-Tech to name but a few.

All of the sounder and beacons that are sold by Discount Fire Extinguishers are of the highest quality and are a vital part of any fire safety system. The sounders give of a very distinctive audible tone that is a warning that something is wrong; this tone could not possibly be mistaken for anything else. The beacon devices display light which may be red, amber, green, blue or white, the light may also be a fixed beam a strobing or flashing light.

The main task of both of these devices is to let you know that a hazard or incident is either imminent or taking place. While the light may have a secondary function to lead you to safety by lighting your path to the nearest safe exit.

The sounders and beacons may well be setup as a combination so that you initially get both the audio and the visual, but the sounder could be turned off if required.

Sounders and Beacons All Compliant

Discount Fire Extinguishers sounder and beacon products are all compliant with the required EU and UK safety standards, so you are assured of their quality. There is also a number of sounder and beacon base units available within our range so be sure your parts are compatible with each other.

As the sounders and beacons only form part of the overall fire safety requirements of any business, you may be interested in some of the other products that are available from Discount Fire Extinguishers. Fire Extinguishers for domestic, commercial and industrial use, along with all the component parts that go to making up a complete fire alarm system. Then there is the log books and holders for recording all your in house training and fire drills.