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Beam Detectors

Optical Beam Detectors

The optical beam detectors for fire alarm systems supplied by Discount Fire Extinguishers is a device that projects beam of light to detect smoke across an expansive area, typically to indicate there is a fire. The optical beam detectors are used to detect fires in buildings where standard point smoke detectors would either be far too costly or in some way be restricted for use by the height of the building. Optical beam smoke detectors are often installed in warehouses as a cost effective means of protecting large open expanses.

Optical beam smoke detectors work on the principle of the beam of light being obstruction, where having the presence of smoke blocking some of the light from the beam, through either absorbing or scattering the light. Once a certain percentage of the transmitted light has been blocked by any smoke that is present, a fire is signalled. Optical beam smoke detectors are typically used to detect fires in larger commercial and industrial units, as components in a much larger than normal fire alarm system.

Optical Beam Smoke Detectors

Optical beam smoke detectors consist of at least one light transmitter and one receiver, which is photosensitive. The photosensitive receiver monitors the light produced by the transmitter under normal working conditions. If there is no smoke present the light passes from the light transmitter to the receiver unit in a straight line. If there is a fire, when smoke falls within the path of the beam detector, some of the light is absorbed or scattered by the smoke particles. This creates a decrease in the received light signal, leading to an increase in optical obstruction, which then sets off the alarm.

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