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First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits to Cover all Staff 

Discount Fire Extinguishers continue to be suppliers of the necessary paperwork plus first-aid boxes required for companies, however, before you choose what you need, you must understand the variations relating to company types.

Health and safety at workplace is an obligation for each and every member of staff however, the employer has to allow for anybody that may be on the property to obtain the correct first-aid treatment as required.

This really is the same as ensuring you've got all that is required to help keep life and property risk-free by using a fire alarm system and ensuring the fire extinguishers that you have chosen are actually up to the task.

What Risk Category Are You In

If you think you are, a minimum-risk small company you need to have at least one first-aid box and a minimum of one individual designated to provide for first-aid needs, such as phoning to get the emergency services should they be required. Being bosses you must supply information regarding first-aid measures to all of the employees.

Companies that can be considered to possess a higher health and safety risks are more inclined to need a qualified first-aider. When it comes to bosses there is a first-aid needs evaluation tool which assists bosses determine just what first aid measures will be the best option for his or her place of work.

This process begins with an individual preparing a risk assessment of the first-aid needs, you need to consider:

  • The nature of work carried out
  • The size of your workforce
  • Daily hazards to contend with

First-aid boxes will come in various sizes to cover 1-10 individuals or 11-20 individuals. The thing that you must determine will be the structure of your first-aid arrangement. If as an example you have 40 staff you might get simply 2 x 11-20 First-aid boxes, but when this means that they are some way from where individuals are operating any kind of delay may have severe consequence. It may possibly be preferable to get 4x 1-10 first-aid boxes and have these positioned equally round the place of work. Discount Fire Extinguishers are at all times pleased to assist where we are able to therefore if uncertain you should contact us.