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Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation Chairs for Emergencies

Discount Fire Extinguishers is known as a principal provider of top quality evacuation chairs. Chairs have been developed specifically to allow a really comfortable and safe evacuation for anyone who has mobility impairment during an emergency circumstance, such as a fire within the property. Individuals might not be capable of evacuating by them self through the property because of disability, injuries, a mental health condition, being pregnant or another medical problem. A lot of evacuation chairs are equipped for simplicity of use on staircases as well as fire escapes, or even along level floors.

The evacuation chair is merely one of many items of fire safety equipment that is needed by individuals operating a business, together with fire alarm systems and also the fire extinguishers that may be distributed around your place of work. Discount Fire Extinguishers has got the lot.

The evacuation chairs provided by Discount Fire Extinguishers tend to be lightweight strong and really easy to use. They have both sliders and wheels and even though less wide than regular chairs a person can easily be seated safely, making them well suited for use on stairs as well as passageways.

Training is Key

In your business people need to be educated about the simplest way to make use of an evacuation chair mainly because you don't know who'll be about to assist the individual in need of help. The training is simple to comprehend and could be included together with standard fire safety training.

As the one stop shop for everything associated with fire safety and fire safety equipment Discount Fire Extinguishers can provide clients with fire safety training booklets, CDs and DVD plus the log books and forms you need to see your training through.

For those who have questions regarding the evacuation chairs or even any one of our merchandise then don't hesitate to contact us then one of the knowledgeable staff will endeavour to supply the details you are searching for.