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Panic Bolts and Accessories

Panic Bolts and Accessories from Discount Fire Extinguishers 

The health and safety of employees is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly and when you sit down and start risk assessing all the areas that you have to look into and take care of it can become quite over whelming.

Discount Fire Extinguishers supply systems and component parts of every aspect of a fire safety system right down to one of the smallest which is the panic bolts that secure certain exit points within your building. We also have a number of spare parts and accessories for these panic bolts. The idea is simple but very effective. Emergency exits that need to be secured to prevent intruders from just walking around are kept secure be means of a specially designed bolt system that is locked shut by a glass tube. If the exit door needs to be opened up in the event of an emergency the glass tube is just smashed enabling the bolt to be thrown and the door opened.

Redlam is a name that is synonymous with panic bolts and their accessories and happily Discount Fire Extinguishers are able to supply our customers from this range.

As accidents will occur not to mention when there is a real need for the panic bolt to be thrown the spare glass tubes are supplied in bulk boxes making the individual cost almost insignificant when you consider that the safety of yourself your workforce and your visitors is at stake.

Fire Safety Equipment Stockists

Fire extinguishers, fire safety signs, documenting log books and holders are all part of the same fire safety system that you will have in place at your business premises, and it can all be obtained easily by ordering online here at Discount Fire Extinguishers. Our orders are sent out daily and are therefore with sooner than you would imagine.