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Call Point Equipment

Call Point Equipment

A fire alarm call point is a physical device that lets a person activate an alarm in the event of smoke, fire or other emergency being detected.Discount Fire Extinguishers have a range of these devices and replacement parts to ensure they are operational at all time.

The fire alarm call point equipment should be installed at a height of 1400mm above the floor at a level that is easily accessible and in a conspicuous position. Places for sighting call point equipment should include; exit routes, front and back door, fire escapes and fire doors as well as on landings of staircases. A fire alarm call point equipment device should be spaced so that one may always be found within no more the 30m distance of another device. You will often find Fire Extinguishers close by a call point. Call point equipment should form part of a complete Fire Alarm Equipment system.

Call Point Equipment Additional Information

What types of Call Point Equipment is available

Most call point devices are easily recognised, but may differ in how to activate them;

  • Break glass to activate fire alarm
  • Break seal of cover and press to activate fire alarm
  • Break glass to obtain key to activate fire alarm

Do I need any Call Point Equipment at home

Most domestic houses do not require call point equipment. However if you live in a block of flats or a multi occupancy landlord controlled dwelling then there should be some way of raising the alarm for other residents.

Who checks my Call Point Equipment

As part of health and safety legislation call point equipment forms part of your fire alarm system and should be checked at regular intervals and a record kept of the checks. This may be an in house appointed person or an external contractor. Periodic checks from your local Fire Service will also check these devices.