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Paging Systems

Early Warning Paging Systems

Discount Fire Extinguishers are suppliers of a range of paging systems that have for years been increasing the areas in which they are used. Most of us would associate a paging system with Doctors within a hospital. This is still an area where paging systems are of great benefit to their users, getting important information to them very quickly. However the next time you are in a restaurant just check how many time the waiting staff return to their station and look at the monitor. This paging system is telling them which meals are ready for them to come and collect, which in turn means the customers receive their food while it is still piping hot.

As Discount Fire Extinguishers are providers of all things fire safety related you may wonder why we supply paging systems. The simple answer is that a paging system which is directly linked to your fire alarm system can send you timely warnings if any part of the fire alarm system is triggered. This means that you do not have to engage the services of a monitoring company that would charge you a lot more than any of the models from the Response Paging Systems that Discount Fire Extinguishers have to offer.

Paging Systems For All Businesses

As an enhancement to your fire alarm equipment a Response Paging System can pay for its self in next to no time. False alarms caused by malicious individuals can cost a business thousand in lost productivity because of the down time involved in evacuating a building. The Response Paging System can analyse the whole fire safety system and confirm if other elements of the system have been activated and where, if none are present being able to go directly to the point where the fire arm was set off will also save valuable time and resources.