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The Common Causes Of False Alarms

Posted on 31st Mar 2016 @ 11:12 PM

Unwanted Fire Signals (false alarms) can occur for many reasons. This is not always due to a fault with the fire alarm system.

Common Causes Of False Alarms

l  The fire alarm system being tested without informing the alarm notification call centre

l  Aerosols, steam or other fumes activating the heat or smoke detectors

l  Temperature and humidity change

l  A sub-contractor working near a smoke or heat detector

l  The burning of candles and incense

l  Accidental damage to a ‘break glass’ call point

l  A build-up of dust within a heat or smoke detector

l  Cooking fumes, such as burnt toast.

Safely Investigating a Fire Alarm Activation

You can limit the disruption of a false alarm by having an efficient procedure for investigating activations. Modern fire alarms can detect fires in their early stages, so by having an efficient strategy you can quickly identify the cause of false alarms, reset the system, and get back to work.

RV Fire Systems

RV Fire Systems is a North West based fire alarm company that has an outstanding record of service and quality within the fire safety industry. Contacting RV Fire Systems is simple, just pick up the phone and call the local number below.

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Our highly qualified fire alarm specialists will deal with your queries and provide the service you need as quickly as possible.



Common Causes Of False Alarms